Week #7 – Kalgan River Rope Swing

What boy doesn’t like a rope swing over water?  This one over the Kalgan River was a lot of fun.  Patrick and his son Otto took turns on the swing, launching themselves from high up off a fallen tree on the riverbank.  Technique was hard to find and there were few graceful falls.  I had a few swings and my landings were far from perfect.  With three sons Patrick said “it was nice to get quality time with one of my boys, and not have everyone get just a bit of you.”  It was a great afternoon, taking photos and swimming in the water. Patrick will be back and so will I.

Kalgan Swing-1Kalgan Swing-2Kalgan Swing-3Kalgan Swing-4Kalgan Swing-5Kalgan Swing-6Kalgan Swing-7Kalgan Swing-8Kalgan Swing-9Kalgan Swing-10Kalgan Swing-11Kalgan Swing-12