Week #8 – Lower Kalgan Bridge

I had a great day out to the west of Albany yesterday near Shelly Beach where lots of great pictures where taken.

Unfortunately I just didn’t get the time to edit and pull the post together in time to do those images justice.  I’m sorry for those people who were hoping to see those pictures today.  Next week – I promise.

Today’s images were taken just to the east of Albany at the Lower Kalgan Bridge which is situated near the entrance to Oyster Harbour.  Nestled in the corner is an old wooden bridge that I guess, once spanned the river.  It can be hard to see as you pass over the bridge.  It was my muse on a dreary afternoon last week.

Kalgan River-1Kalgan River-2Kalgan River-3Kalgan River-4Kalgan River-5Kalgan River-6Kalgan River-1-2