With wedding season just around the corner, I thought I would share what I have learnt over the last few years, photographing some amazing weddings.

I’ve put together my top five tips to help you get the most from your photography.

So here we go…


Tip# 1 – Let go and enjoy the day

You’ve spent months planning your weddniug down the last amazing detail.  You’ve sourced and hired the best people help your vision come true, and you’re about to pull it all together for what is going to be an amazing day.

It’s now time trust in all of your hard work and planning.

Let go, relax and enjoy yourself.

This seems so obvious right. The more you enjoy the day, the more fun and smiles you will have!

Letting go and enjoying yourself really shows in your photos – I promise!

Tip# 2 – Be present

Engage with your partner on many levels; touch, talk and smile with each other. This is so much nicer than having me prompt you to ‘put your arms around each other’.

Enjoying each other’s love and company. Remember to share in your day with friends and family.

This will make the photos much more natural and true to your personality.

Tip# 3 – Have a detailed Timeline

A clear and detailed run sheet will keep everyone on track. Make sure to prepare this well in advance of your wedding day.

Things that are important include are:

  • Bridal party names and any important telephone numbers.
  • The exact addresses of each photo location.
  • The duration of time spent at each location.
  • The Expected duration of each significant portion of the day EG, Bridal prep, ceremony, family photos.

Keeping on track, or very close to it, will keep your guests and vendors very happy. It will also get you dancing sooner!

Tip# 4 – Don’t rush

Most couples I photograph are super excited to get back and start the party, and really, why not – it’s a pretty awesome day right!

My advice is to enjoy the photos after the ceremony – don’t rush it – especially if you want amazing images. Make it a special part of your day.

The less you rush, the more you will enjoy the session – the more you enjoy the session, the better the photos will be!

If you are pushed for time after the ceremony, consider the following ideas; do a first look photo session. Not only will this relax some of the pre ceremony nerves, but it will also provide some great images.

The other thing you can do is to simplify your photo locations. Think about using fewer locations. Less travel time means more party time!

Tip# 5 – Have faith!

Ok so you’ve hired an expert photographer. You have discussed a clear brief and communicated on what the most important parts of the day are. It’s also a great idea to have talked about any photo ideas you have in mind.

Now. Let me go to work for you!

This links in closely to tip #1. Sit back, relax and trust that I will find the right light, lens and position for you in the location of your choice.

Now let’s make some cracking images!



Victoria and Lachlan – what a magical wedding and wow – what a dress!  I’ve wanted to blog Tori and Loki’s Denmark wedding for ages now – especially since it was over a year go that they were married at the fabulous Harewood Estate.  Torie and Loki’s wedding was one to remember, not only for the rain that threatened the ceremony but of course for the friends and family that came to celebrate with them.
T&L48Pictures are personal. I treasure them, and so do I hope all of my couples that I photograph.  With this in mind, I thought that the words here should be a little more personal too. I would like to share a little of what Tori had to say about her wedding, and how it came to be.  Here are a few words from Tori.

“I am lucky as my parents own Harewood Estate Winery in Denmark, so we knew almost immediately that this would be the location of the wedding. It was perfect because we had always wanted an outside wedding and it was somewhere that was meaningful to us both and we would be able to return to.

Picking the dress wasn’t as straightforward! I initially tried the dress on as a joke, I had seen it online but couldn’t imagine why anyone would wear it as a wedding dress. The second I put it on I loved it, the colors were amazing and all of a sudden I could see myself walking down the aisle.  The dress captured the relaxed, picnic vibe I wanted for the day.

Our favorite part of the day was the ceremony. It was a rare occasion in which we were able to articulate our feelings for one another in front of all of our friends and family. Before the ceremony, I was so nervous but the second I was there with Lachlan I forgot about everyone else. We chose to say our own vows and although both of us were thinking that it would be hard to remember them on the spot, we spoke effortlessly and from our heart to one another.”

Please enjoy the images.



What  a way to see out 2016!  Congratulations Katherine and Wal – Albany certainly turned on some fantastic weather for their wedding yesterday.  I would like to share a few of my favourite images from their event – I thought it would be a nice way to say, THANK YOU for having me along, and also, a great way to start 2017!

Thank you 2016, you’ve been great – I can’t wait for the year ahead!  Thank you all.



A little over a week ago, Ryan and Chenoa travelled to Albany to have some portraits taken before their big day in Katanning.  They were nervous about having their picture taken. In fact, just about every person I photograph is a little nervous in front of the camera to begin with. I completely understand this – often I have never personally met my subjects, except for a few emails and a quick phone call.

I like to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera – it’s not easy, but it is so important.

We talk as we shoot, go slow, find some nice light and let people be themselves – and that is the key.  And soon, my couples start to relax.

People put a huge amount of trust in me to help create and capture their memories, and I always try to go above and beyond to take some amazing shots.  I pride myself on making people feel comfortable with me – after all, we are a team.

Tomorrow I’m heading out to the lovely township of Katanning to photograph Chenoa and Ryan’s Wedding.  I still get excited about every single wedding I photograph and this one is no exception.  Last weeks Albany Portrait Photography session, made me realise just how invaluable these pre-wedding photo sessions can be.  I like to think of them as a ‘lets get to know each other session’, without the added pressure of your wedding day.  And as an added bonus, they provide you with some fantastic images of you – outside of your wedding setting.