Denmark Wedding Photography – Callum & Bree

I’m so far behind in my blogging that I’m simply never going to catch up! I have weddings that I’ve wanted to post going back as far as 2016. Let’s face it; those weddings will probably never see the light of day on this site. Getting images back to clients has been much more important than showcasing new work. So in an effort to catch up (sort of) I had a great idea; post the last wedding of this season first :-).

Callum and Bree’s Denmark wedding was a stunner. The super cool couple were not ruffled by a little rain and wind on their wedding day. The ceremony was held downstairs at Pepper and Salt Restaurant – a challenging but lovely place to photograph in. Candles added to the warm ambience of the room, where their close friends and family came to witness their marriage. The Forest Hill Barrel room provided another fantastic place to take photos while taking refuge from the colder weather.

Venue: Pepper and Salt Restaruant, Flowers: Lush Floral Design, Hair: Holley Watterson, Makup: The Temple Boutique Spa, Celebrant: Glenda Stirling. Winery: Forest Hill Vinyard.