Justin and Laura’s Dunsborough Wedding

Justin and Laura – what can I say other than, “wow what a wedding!” Justin and Laura’s Dunsborough wedding was one of those awesome days when everything came together. Although not naturally accustomed to being in front of the camera, their relaxed nature shined through to produce some really natural and authentic images.

Justin and Laura were married in the picturesque Shelley Cove near Dunsborough amongst their closest friends and family. The deep blue waters of the Indian ocean were the backdrop for their vows. And I must say, how was the amazing veil catch from the bridesmaid! I was certain the veil would be swept out to sea. With the formalities over, the wedding party set off in the superb vintage kombi to one of their favourite wineries, Cullen Wines. Our main destination for wedding photography was the iconic Sugarloaf Rock, arguably one of the most photographed landscapes of the South West of WA.

There was no denying Justin and Laura’s connection, they were an absolute pleasure to photograph. The next stop was the reception location of Wise Winery at Eagle. We did take a quick break to sneak outside for another round of pictures before the party started. Epic!