Week #51 – Waychinicup National Park

I’ve been wanting to head out to Waychinicup National Park for over a year now.  I had seen a few pictures online, but once I got there, I realised that they really didn’t do this place justice.  So much so in fact, that, I almost didn’t want to post these pictures – this place really is a fantastic hidden gem.  What makes Waychinicup special for me is that it’s so different from other places around this area, with its amazing geographical landscape that embraces the Waychinicup River as it flows into the ocean.  The river is fresh only a few hundred metres inland, where you can find little waterfalls flowing between large granite boulders.  At the ocean opening, there are large hills on either side with rugged coastal vegetation that protects the tidal waterway.  Grass trees dot the landscape like sentinels. Waychinicup is the Nyoongar word for ‘place of the Emu’.  Located approximately 65km east of Albany, this is one place I will certainly return to with the family.