Week #50 – Surfing the Great Southern

Surfing the Great Southern requires a good measure of local knowledge.  Wind direction, swell direction, swell height and tide all factor in to determine what will be the best surf break on any given day.  Add in limited accessibility to some breaks and it can be an adventurous day out looking for the right spot.  But when you get it right, surfing this region can be extremely rewarding.  Surfing is a solo sport.  It’s your skill and fitness that matters, and no one to blame for burying a rail.  There is however nothing better then a great session with mates where you egg each other on, and then manage to find the time out of the water to re-live the experience over a hot coffee.  Thanks again to my surfing buddies, Tom, Patrick, Matt and of course Brendan (featured with a nice carving turn in the images below) who have all been generous in sharing their favourite breaks over the last year.