Week #49 – Nanarup Beach

Nanarup beach is situated approximately 27 km. east of Albany and provides a little something for everyone.  Keen swimmers can walk along the beach to the small ocean lagoon where calm (but cold!) water makes for refreshing ocean dip, or you can waste hours on the edges of the  picturesque Taylor Inlet, wading in shallow water alongside the distinctive swamp paperbarks.  Our family has had quite a few trips here – it can be a bit of a hike from the carpark when you have kids and picnic gear in tow, but the protection offered from the wind by the curve of the lagoon makes the walk along the beach worthwhile.  If you are a little more adventurous, you may find the steep stone steps leading up from the lagoon to the surrounding limestone cliffs.  This small steep track takes you to some amazing rock fishing locations, and onwards, providing a fantastic view of the ocean, lagoon and inland to the famed Maitraya Private Retreat.   Surfers can usually catch a wave on the main beach, or east at the break known as ‘deserts’.  Both can be good on their day.  Just another amazing spot in the little part of the world we now call home.