Week #46 – Camp Quaranup – Part 1

Camp Quaranup is situated on the Vancouver Peninsula, a body of land that splits the waters of Princess Royal Harbour on one side and King George sound on the other.  Originally known as the Commonweatlh Quarantine Station, it formed a significant part of Albany’s history.   Built in 1865, it operated as an immigration quarantine station for people with illness arriving in Albany by boat.   From Marine Drive, the camp is clearly visible across the Ataturk Chanel where you can see the nurses quarters and isolation hospital.  Having undergone extensive renovations, the camp now operates as a Recreation Camp supporting schools and community groups, but also hosts weddings, conferences, meetings and other events.  Also visible from a small headland known as Geake Point, is the Cheynes II wreck, an old Whaler that ceased operating in 1978.  It is a great place to explore if you get permission from the caretakers.  Kangaroos are in abundance and the beaches are amazing.

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