Week #45 – Shearing – Mt. Barker

There is nothing like an old shearing shed filled with a few likely characters to provide a little photographic inspiration.  This team, led by Jim Gilbert, were no exception.  They worked hard and fast in an old shed filled with history and character.  Sheep after sheep came through the pens to be skilfully shorn by experienced hands.  For me, this was a great photographic experience.  It was everything you would imagine – dirty, gritty and loud.  Rock Music from the 70’s and 80’s provided the backing track to the noise of the shears.  Jim Gilbert, of Gilbert’s Wines, has been shearing in this shed for 28 years.  “I love the industry as I once was a shearer.  The comradery.  I love the whole feeling of the industry.”  Jim said that he started at the age of 17 working as a roustabout up north.  I could understand a little about what he said.  The vibe in the shed was amazing.