Week #4 – Torndirrup National Park – The Blowholes

Landscape photography is something I am new to.  Having worked in a news photography environment for many years, landscapes are for me, a brave new world.  There are some fantastic landscape photographers in Western Australia.  I’m sure you have a favourite.  Iconic images of the South West have often come about by being in the right place at the right time.  Captured by photographers always ready to take an image.

During the course of my journeys through the Great Southern, I won’t be trying to compete with these photographers and their styles.  My aim is to post each week, and I will have to travel to try and find something worthy to hang a picture on.

Great light and willing subjects can be hard to come by.

In my images, you will see many familiar places.  Some of which you may even have taken a picture of yourself.

Photography for me, has always been as much about what I exclude from the picture, as what I include.  I know it sounds backwards, but it is very true.  Composition and light are everything.

So please enjoy one of my first forays into landscapes.  These images were taken in the Torndirrup National Park.  At the Blowholes to be exact.  So although many of you will have walked the path down to the ocean, I hope these images provide you with a new perspective.

Blow Holes1Blow Holes2Blow Holes3Blowholes-1Blow Holes5Blow Holes6Blow Holes7Blowholes-2