Week #35 – Stirling Range Drive

Stirling Range Drive is a 45 km unsealed road that runs through the Stirling Range National Park.  The drive presents some amazing views of the mountain range where several of it’s peaks rise more than 1000m above sea level.  Bluff Knoll, the most popular and perhaps the most well known peak, can be climbed on a well groomed path in about 2 hours.  I really enjoyed taking this series of photos.  I’ve seen so many great images of the ranges from afar and I certainly didn’t set out to replicate that style.  I did however really enjoy picking apart the colour and shapes that made me stop, look and take an image.  The Stirling Range National Park is about 1 hour drive north east of Albany and well worth a visit.  Just take care along Stirling Range Drive, I lost count of the kangaroos I saw on the road.


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