Week #25 – The Gap – Torndirrup National Park

I can think of many more peaceful places to sit and have a quite chat, than at the edge of ‘The Gap’ in the Torndirrup National Park.   Winds howl and waves crash, and at over 24 meters in height, sitting on the precipice is hardly a tranquil pastime.  It is certainly mesmerising though.  The ruggedness of this coastline is beautiful. Plants are small and tough, clinging to life in between cracks in the rocks.  Their shape and form blend perfectly into their environment.  On a large swell, this place is raw.  A few days ago there was such a swell and I took another series of pictures.  Click the link and have a look.  Wind and waves were blown up The Gap and high into the air.  And just for the record, I received a drenching.  I hope todays images find you somewhere warm and cosy.