Week #23 – Torndirrup National Park – Sharp Point & Gap Road.

The weather can get pretty wild in Albany.  Especially in the southern areas of the Torndirrup National Park.  Last night Albany swell data  showed there was a 5.5 metre swell running and still on the rise.  Rain was coming in waves and the wind lashed violently at the trees.  I love this weather – it’s raw and in your face.  Last night I went for a late drive to Sharp Point in the Torndirrup National Park.  I consider this photography thing an all-weather sport.  Stepping toward the edge of the cliffs, I was battered by wind, rain and sand – all whipped up the face of the cliff by a strong wind.  No one else was around and it was awesome.  As is often the case, the drive to the national park was an expedition.  There was no fixed plan or destination.  All I really wanted to do was capture some of this wild weather.  For the tech heads out there, all images were taken on my 45mm TSE.  And please, don’t forget, tell your friends and family to subscribe to these emails!