Week #22 – Emu Point Swimming Pontoon – Winter

The weather this week has been pretty dreary and the daytime temperatures are starting to cool down.  I don’t mind, although it makes finding and taking pictures all the more challenging.  I went down to Emu Point to take some photos at the swimming pontoon.  I was lucky enough to catch the tail end of a storm that had recently passed through. The wind had almost completely dropped off and a calm was settling on the landscape.  With evening on it’s way and the temperature rapidly cooling, it takes a dedicated person to get into the water and swim laps, wetsuit or not.  Kat did just that.  She is training for an Olympic distance triathlon where she will compete at the World Age Group Championships.  Her event is in Edmonton, Canada, and the water temperatures will be similar to winter temperatures in the harbour.  This was one of her weekly swim sessions.  I asked her what she though of swimming on a night like this and she said “Brilliant, a tad bit cold, but it was just unreal being out there.  The rain. No one else was out.”

Emu Point-1Emu Point-2Emu Point-3Emu Point-4Emu Point-5Emu Point-6