Week# 21 – Muttonbird Beach Rocks

I feel that I have neglected landscapes as a part of this project.  Especially since there are so many fantastic and picturesque places in the Great Southern region. I have probably stayed clear of them  since I don’t see myself as a landscape photographer.  Not in the traditional sense at least.  Photography is such a literal medium, and I tend to stay clear of the ‘one shot, tell all’ landscape image.  But how do I do justice to this region without showing it in the more traditional way? Maybe my images will allow people to look differently at a place they have been many times before.  Anyway, todays images are from a short walk I recently took one gloomy afternoon at Muttonbird Beach.  There are some awesome rock formations around the coast and on Muttonbird Island itself.  This place has become one of my favourites since moving to the Great Southern.  Last time I went surfing here, a pod of dolphins casually swam about 3 metres from me.  They then rode the waves toward the beach, jumping out of the wave on the way back to sea.  It was an amazing sight.