Week #15 – Albany Soapbox

The recent Easter weekend saw the Australian Soapbox Championships held in Albany.   Mt. Clarence’s winding Apex Drive was the racetrack.  With bums only inches from the ground,  kids often exceeded speeds of 80km per hour where they raced white knuckled and wheel to wheel.   I’m told that the top speed from these gravity fed racers was over 100km per hour!  Towed up the hill in formation, these speedsters lined up in groups where they were set loose for the finish line.

The first ever meet was held way back in 1962.  I can only imagine there were no fibreglass shells on those car bodies.   The event proved so popular that a club was formed and regular races were held.   In 1973, the first interstate competitor came in the form of racing royalty; Jack Brabham, the 12 year old son of former racing driver and Formula One champion, Sir Jack Brabham.  Today the Albany Soapbox Club has a strong following and meet for races all over W.A.