Week #10 – Albany Wind Farm

The Albany Wind Farm.  Surely this would have to be one of the most photographed locations of the region.  On any given day there are tourists walking the wooden paths, snapping pictures of these huge turbines as the sun rises or sets over the coast.  But on a moonless night, that’s a different story.  It’s eerie.  Really eerie.  While walking the paths to get to a location to photograph from, these huge mechanical beasts turn over and over making that constant swooshing sound.  And you just know there is some strange animal peering at you from the bush.  Standing approximately 100 metres tall at the tip of the blade, these 18 turbines generate up to 80% of Albany’s electricity needs, which is pretty phenomenal.  If you want the technical low down of the turbines then click this link.  But for now enjoy these pictures.  I hope some are a little different to what you have seen.  And did I mention it’s eerie at night?