Tori & Loki – Denmark Wedding Photography

Victoria and Lachlan – what a magical wedding and wow – what a dress!  I’ve wanted to blog Tori and Loki’s Denmark wedding for ages now – especially since it was over a year go that they were married at the fabulous Harewood Estate.  Torie and Loki’s wedding was one to remember, not only for the rain that threatened the ceremony but of course for the friends and family that came to celebrate with them.
T&L48Pictures are personal. I treasure them, and so do I hope all of my couples that I photograph.  With this in mind, I thought that the words here should be a little more personal too. I would like to share a little of what Tori had to say about her wedding, and how it came to be.  Here are a few words from Tori.

“I am lucky as my parents own Harewood Estate Winery in Denmark, so we knew almost immediately that this would be the location of the wedding. It was perfect because we had always wanted an outside wedding and it was somewhere that was meaningful to us both and we would be able to return to.

Picking the dress wasn’t as straightforward! I initially tried the dress on as a joke, I had seen it online but couldn’t imagine why anyone would wear it as a wedding dress. The second I put it on I loved it, the colors were amazing and all of a sudden I could see myself walking down the aisle.  The dress captured the relaxed, picnic vibe I wanted for the day.

Our favorite part of the day was the ceremony. It was a rare occasion in which we were able to articulate our feelings for one another in front of all of our friends and family. Before the ceremony, I was so nervous but the second I was there with Lachlan I forgot about everyone else. We chose to say our own vows and although both of us were thinking that it would be hard to remember them on the spot, we spoke effortlessly and from our heart to one another.”

Please enjoy the images.

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