Megan + Chris = A Perth Elopement

I have been meaning to blog these images for a long time.  Here it is – finally.

This was a small wedding.  In fact this wedding was also an Elopement; a break from tradition for Megan and Chris.

Their vows were taken in the Perth Registry office and were witnessed by a surprise showing of some of their family.

Thanks Megan and Chris for having me along.  It was awesome fun!

Megan and Chris01Megan and Chris02Megan and Chris03Megan and Chris04Megan and Chris05Megan and Chris06Megan and Chris07Megan and Chris08Megan and Chris09Megan and Chris10Megan and Chris11Megan and Chris12Megan and Chris13Megan and Chris14Megan and Chris15Megan and Chris16Megan and Chris17Megan and Chris18Megan and Chris19Megan and Chris20Megan and Chris21Megan and Chris22Megan and Chris23