Why should I hire a Professional Photographer?

“Why should I hire a professional photographer?”

I’ve been asked this question so many times now. Especially since every aunt, uncle, brother, sister and family friend have a fairly expensive digital camera swinging from their shoulder. After all, their camera IS capable of taking great pictures. Technology is relatively cheap nowadays.

But it isn’t just the technology you are paying a professional for. It’s their experience, their ability to capture ‘the moment’, their customer care and understanding of post processing, composition, light and…

…wait a minute. Instead of listing of a huge variety of reasons as to ‘why’ a professional photographer is a fantastic investment, I thought I would show you why. This small selection of photos are all shot under ‘the exact same light’! As you can see, the photographer (yep, it was me) is constantly making really important creative decisions on how to provide an amazing and varied outcome for their clients. I consider my job to capture all of those amazing raw and real moments between my couples. But it’s also my job to make bad light look great, and good light look amazing!

And just case you wanted more information, and you happen to be a little OCD. like me, I’ve provided a little list below. It’s by no means the complete compendium of reasons you should hire a professional photographer, but it’s a great start.

Your professional photographer;

  • is experienced.
  • is a great technical and creative operator.
  • knows which lens to use when.
  • has situational awareness (knows where to be when).
  • has great understanding of composition.
  • has great understanding of light and how to use it.
  • carries backup gear.
  • should have a camera with dual camera slots for redundancy.
  • backs up properly after your wedding.
  • knows how to properly edit your images for print.
  • has public indemnity insurance.
  • has a great track record with clients.
  • is presentable at your wedding.
  • works well under pressure.
  • has a proper website.
  • can show you a history of great work.
  • has a network of other quality photographers to rely on (just in case).
  • makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera.
  • takes amazing images!
  • understands that YOU are their best client – and that doing a great job, keeps their business running.

Photography is my profession.  It’s a huge part of my life and who I am.  I’m not a weekend warrior and I’m proud that this my full time job.  So I hope this post is helpful in providing you with a little more information when it comes to choosing one of your most trusted vendors for your wedding.  And stay tuned for more tips to come!