Caroline & Ziech – University of Western Australia Wedding Photography

Photographing a friends wedding is never easy.  In fact I think they are downright difficult.  I have now photographed 6 weddings of close friends – two of which were photographers, and of course, they were even more challenging.  Perhaps it is a confidence thing.  Normally I can hide behind some form of anonymity and just go about getting the job done.  This is not the case when you photograph people you know.  For me I feel like there is a whole other level of pressure.  It’s pressure I apply, not them.  At the end of the day, the pictures come.  And for reasons other than me.  I tell every couple that I photograph that ‘they create the pictures, I just capture them.’  Be yourself, have fun and enjoy the day with your partner.  Caroline and Ziech were picture perfect.  They smiled, loved, enjoyed each other and their day.  They shared heartfelt vows with family and friends in a beautiful garden at the University of Western Australia.  And then they celebrated. The pictures came from them, not me.